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ADO A20+ 20" 350W 10Ah 25km/h Promotion

ADO A20+ 20" 350W 10Ah 25km/h Promotion

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ADO A20 + is a new version of the compact e-bike with a collapsible aluminum shock-absorbing structure and a 10,4 Ah battery.

It is equipped with Shimano 7-speed gears, 3-speed electric assist adjustment, disc brakes and 20-inch wheels with a width of 1.95.
Its range allows you to travel up to 45 km in all-electric mode and up to 80 km with power steering. The 350 W brushless electric motor used allows you to drive up to 35 kilometers per hour (need to be unlocked). The charging time is 4-6 hours. It is controlled by a practical LCD display that allows you to monitor and change various modes.
All accessories and parts are available directly on the manufacturer's website

ADO bicycle warranty and service. The ADO company solved this problem by creating a service infrastructure in several EU countries, including Poland, from which the bike is sent. This is an important element of the company's strategy that distinguishes ADO from other leading manufacturers of electric bikes.

The customer gets a 1-year warranty for the main components, and 5 years for the main frame. Any technical problems can be reported to the seller or directly to the technical department in Poland. The entire after-sales process is described on the manufacturer's website (in English)

Construction of the ADO A20 + bike

The ADO A20 + electric bike is made of aluminum, which reduces its weight by 40%. the bicycle is equipped with 20 inch wheels. Its dimensions when unfolded are 155 x 53 x 110 cm, and when folded, they are 90 x 43 x 70 cm (L * W * H). The weight is about 24 kilograms.

Its design allows it to be folded in just a few seconds.

In addition, the foldable structure allows you to conveniently store the bike in small spaces. It is an ideal solution for people who, for example, commute to the workplace, use public transport or carry it in the trunk of a car. Additionally, the solution is a handle on the frame, which makes it easy to lift and carry.

The saddle is comfortable and, like the handlebar, is height-adjustable. You can easily adjust the ride for people with a height of 150 to about 195 cm. A large and clear LCD display allows you to turn on / off the electric driving mode and allows you to monitor speed, mileage, battery level and error status. The advantage of the display is good visibility in the sun and backlight at night.

On the steering wheel you will find a place to mount a phone holder and a USB port for charging e.g. a smartphone or a sports webcam

A 350W brushless motor is placed on the rear wheel hub. The bike is equipped with a braking energy recovery system that will increase the overall range.

ADO A20 + bike operates on a replaceable battery with a capacity of 10.4 aH. It is placed inside the frame. The battery does not need to be removed to recharge. It can be charged via the port located on the frame. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Most competitors in the same price range offer a 250W motor, while the ADO A20 + has a 350W motor with a top speed of up to 35km / h (unlocked)

Riding the ADO A20 + electric bike is a lot of fun. The bike arouses considerable interest of passers-by. It amazes everyone with its possibilities and acceleration. Although it is a city bike, it has no problem riding over rough sandy terrain.

E-bike ADO A20 + 350W 10Ah 35km / h GW PL Weight 24 kg

Advantages of A20 +:

  • Easy and quick folding
  • Maximum speed 35 km / h (after unlocking)
  • The saddle and handlebar are adjustable in height
  • Double cushioning

  • Phone charger
  • pump included

The contents of the ADO A20 + package (all elements are well protected during transport).

- A folded ADO A20 bike with a battery in the frame + a key

- Phone holder

- Charger

- User manual

- A set of keys (flat + hexagonal)

- Saddle

- Pump

- Pedals

- Footer

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