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Engwe ENGINE PRO 20" 750W 16Ah

Engwe ENGINE PRO 20" 750W 16Ah

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ENGWE Engine Pro Folding Electric Bike (new 16Ah version) - Tires 20x4 Inch 750W 45km / h - Black

  • 750W engine and 20x4,0 All-Terrain Tires
  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame and fork front suspension with mechanical lock
  • Front and rear disc brake, and 8 Speed ​​Gear
  • Full depreciation
Engwe ENGINE PRO 20 "750W 16Ah FV GW Frame size 20 inch


  • 750W motor
  • Full Off-Road Tires 20x4,0
  • Folding 3-Step Frame
  • Front and Rear cushioning
  • Removable 48V Lithium Battery (new 16Ah version)
  • Front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Cruise Control
  • Color LCD Display
  • 8 Gear System
Engwe ENGINE PRO 20 "750W 16Ah FV GW EAN (GTIN) 4537363716515

Faster and further

The ENGINE PRO electric bike has a 6061 aluminum frame, a fork front suspension with a mechanical lock, and an adjustable saddle and handlebars, adapting to different heights and riding styles for a great riding experience. Thanks to their lightweight, efficient design, 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels are suitable for both urban and off-road routes in good road conditions.

Powerful motor and battery

Thanks to its 48V 750W brushless motor, it is able to easily support you on journeys up to 40-45KM / H. It has a removable 48V / 16AH lithium battery that you can charge on the frame or separately when removed.

Excellent brakes and speed

Folding electric bike with front and rear disc brake and 8 gears system allows you to choose any speed to enjoy a faster ride or experience a relaxing holiday according to your needs. Perfect brakes fully protect your safety.

Humanization design

A soft leather saddle and solid tires will provide you with comfort during your bicycle trips. The foldable design will be convenient when camping or traveling by car. The front and rear lamps will allow you to ride at night with confidence.

Engwe ENGINE PRO 20 "750W 16Ah FV GW

Removable lithium-ion battery

The cells are integrated with the frame, they provide stable, long-lasting energy. Choose this E-bike for a safe, clean, green and healthy lifestyle.

5-7 Hours Full Charge.

Anti-Theft Design

Loading on the Ram

Removable for External Charging

Pedal mode

You pedal like an ordinary mountain bike, the off-road solid tires and the alloy frame will support you in all road conditions

Assisted mode

In assist mode, you control the amount of support provided by the system for a natural riding experience that makes you feel as if your legs don't have to pedal at all in this mode

Electric mode

In this mode, you don't have to pedal at all, you just enjoy the power and speed as if you were flying.

Solid tires absorb bumpy ground

Solid tires 20 × 4,0 inches

Thanks to its wider tire area, the ENGWE eBike allows you to smoothly ride on gravel roads and steep hills.

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