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Fiido D21 pedal pressure sensor 250W 11,6Ah 25 km/h. Special offer !

Fiido D21 pedal pressure sensor 250W 11,6Ah 25 km/h. Special offer !

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Fiido D21 pedal pressure sensor 250W 11,6Ah 20 "

We invite you to purchase in the price promotion in January 2023!

Overview of the most important features

1. Accurate torque sensor Improves the handling of the bicycle, making it much more intuitive and fun to ride, and also making it safer.

2W high efficiency motor.

3. Specially designed battery The battery is hidden in the seat tube, which at first glance looks like a regular bicycle, but despite its compact size, the range can reach 100 km in electric moped mode. Moreover, the battery is removable, which means you can power it anywhere, anytime.

4. Concise structure with integrated seat post which includes battery and tail light, reduce component count and fully improve performance. In addition to using an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, the layout of the model follows the ergonomic design specifications for a comfortable driving experience thanks to the height-adjustable leather seat and low weight of only 12,9 kg (without batteries)

5. Technical Specifications The unique electric bike aesthetics that Fiido equips the D21 truly provides the perfect balance between form and function

Fiido D21 Pedal Pressure Sensor 250W 11,6Ah EAN (GTIN) 1015646165456
  • D21 it has an improved torque sensor for a better driving experience in electric assist mode. Thanks to the unique aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame, the maximum load of D21 can reach 120kg.
  • The battery is hidden in the seat tube. Thanks to the FIIDO patent, the battery capacity can reach 11,6 Ah in such a compact size. Simply remove the seat tube and power the D21 anywhere.
  • The engine is hidden in the rear wheel thanks to the special FIIDO design. The torque of the 250W brushless geared motor is 35Nm, which means you'll ride effortlessly even when climbing steep mountains.
  • With a net weight of 17,5 kg, the D1 is currently the lightest 20 inch e-bike. All you need to assemble is 3 simple steps to fold or unfold your e-bike, and you can also push it forward after folding to save effort.
Fiido D21 pedal pressure sensor 250W 11,6Ah Manufacturer code 1015646165456
  • D21 it is waterproof IP54. For safety reasons, however, we recommend that you do not use it in heavy rain. Avoid putting the electric bike in water or cleaning with a high pressure water gun to avoid damaging the electronic components and wiring from getting wet. When crossing water pools, standing water, etc., pay attention to the wading height not higher than the hub to prevent water damage to the engine. Do not wash with high pressure water to avoid damage to electronic components and wiring due to moisture.
  • Lithium ion activity decreases at low temperature, which can also affect battery performance. However, the performance of the battery will return to its original state when the temperature rises.
  • Fiido attaches great importance to the selection of components to ensure the high quality of our products. In addition, our after-sales department provides a specialized technical video tutorial.
  • The box includes a fender, charger, UK adapter, kickstand, spanner and hex key. After receiving it, simply unfold it and then install the pedals and seat tube. Virtually the entire D11 frame was assembled before it left the factory.
Fiido D21 Pedal Pressure Sensor 250W 11,6Ah Model D21


  • Fiido D21 MODEL
  • 36V voltage
  • Battery 11,6 Ah
  • Charging time 7 hours
  • Moped mode range 80-100 km
  • Maximum speed 25 km / h
  • Working temperature -10 ~ 50 ° C
  • Frame material Aluminum alloy
  • Brown color
  • Maximum load 120 kg
  • Net weight 17,5 kg (with battery)
  • Tire size 20 * 1.75 inch
  • Ebike size 1480mm * 570mm * 1100mm
  • Folding size 800mm * 400mm * 740mm
  • What's in the box? 1 * FIIDO D21 E BIKE 1 * CHARGER 1 * Open wrench 1 * Allen wrench 1 * Fender 2 * Pedal 1 * Adapter
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