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Fiido D2S gray 16" 7,8Ah 25 km/h

Fiido D2S gray 16" 7,8Ah 25 km/h

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Fiido D2S gray 16 "7,8Ah weight 19 kg

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250W brushless motor.

Shimano 6-speed mechanical gearshift.

The Fiido D2S has both an electric motor and a Shimano mechanical gearbox. This means that you will ideally adjust the driving mode to any road surface, any conditions and the required speed.

The D2S has a 52-tooth large chain and a 12-tooth flywheel for comfortable driving and adaptation to different road conditions. The vehicle has a built-in high-capacity battery, the exterior is elegant and the lines are finished down to the smallest detail.

Fiido D2S gray 16 "7,8Ah FV GW Fiido brand promotion

Three driving modes

The vehicle is equipped with three driving modes: pure electric, muscle strength and electric assistant. It combines the advantages of a regular bike and an e-bike, freely converting to pure electric cycling when you need it or if you prefer you can use your muscle strength.

16 inch tubular rubber tire with front and rear double disc brakes.

Shockproof inflatable tires with wear-resistant and non-slip texture. The brakes are more stable and effective, they provide a more comfortable ride in various road conditions.

250W motor, max speed 25km / h.

The 250 W motor allows you to reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h and overcome slopes up to 25 degrees. Electric motorcycle range up to 40-55 km. With brushless motor and and gear wheel, the power consumption is lower and the endurance is 20% more than that of the ordinary brushless motor, and the starting torque is greater.

Fiido D2S gray 16 "7,8Ah FV GW Promotion EAN (GTIN) 4045648458574

Maximum load up to 120 kg

The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, lightweight and rust-resistant. The light and strong aluminum alloy frame has a load capacity of 120 kg.

Adjustable saddle and handlebar height

Adjustable saddle 75-105 cm, handlebar 95-110 cm.

Very bright headlights and red rear brake lights

The vehicle is equipped with a very bright headlight for greater safety when driving at night. The red taillights clearly flash when braking, which also significantly improves road safety.


3-speed electric shifting and Shimano 6-speed mechanical shifting.

Electric Assist Speed:

10st gear: approx. XNUMX km / h;

15nd gear: approx. XNUMX km / h;

20rd gear: approx. 25-XNUMX km / h.

Fiido D2S gray 16 "7,8Ah FV GW Promotion Model D2S


Brand: FIIDO

Model: D2S variable speed version

Type: Folding Electric Bike with Moped

White color


Material: aluminum alloy + rubber

Input voltage: 100V-240V.

Load: 120 kg

Maximum speed: 25 km / h

Maximum grade: 30 degrees

Moped mode distance up to 40-50 kilometers (50% muscle strength + 50% electronics power)

Electric mode distance up to 20-30 kilometers (0% muscle strength + 100% electronics power)

Battery capacity: 36v 7,8Ah

Battery rated power: 280,8 Wh

Motor power: 250 W.

Charging time: 5 hours

Motor: High-speed brushless gear motor

Transmission: Shimano 6-speed shifting

Brake: Double disc brakes

Tire Size: 16 inch pneumatic tires

Working temperature: -10 to 50 degrees

Packaging sizes

Product weight: 19,5 kg

Package weight: 24,2 kg

Product size: 135,00 x 40,00 x 110,00 cm

Package size: 80,00 x 43,00 x 60,00 cm

Contents of the package:

1 x electric bike

1 x EU charger

1 x English manual

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