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FIIDO X 350W 25 km/h range 130 km, torque sensor

FIIDO X 350W 25 km/h range 130 km, torque sensor

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Fiido X range up to 130 km, torque sensor.

FIIDO X 350W range 130km, torque sensor Manufacturer code FIIDO X

Award-winning design, stand out from the crowd

Have you ever felt the need to get on a bike stress-free? This is the Fiido X. Eye-catching with its modern, minimalist style, the Fiido X guides you through the streets with style and supports your noise-free ride. The best companion for everyday commutes and weekend adventures. 

FIIDO X 350W range 130km, torque sensor FIIDO X model

Healthy exercise assisted by a torque sensor

Are you new to electric bikes? No problem. Featuring a state-of-the-art torque sensor that measures whether and how hard you pedal, the Fiido X brings a much more intuitive riding experience to e-bikers, saving you the worry of learning how to operate the throttle and jerking movements associated with the acceleration sensor. You can still do a relaxing ride without problems. Plus, you don't have to worry about local throttle laws.

FIIDO X 350W range 130km, EAN torque sensor (GTIN) 6974033532491

Larger foldable frame

The elegant frame with a folding mechanism from Fiido X beats the competition. Thanks to the testing process, the frame reaches twice the strength specified by the EN15194 standard, the new frame is stronger than ever. Still, commuters can fold it up and stow it in the trunk of a car or on public transport, enjoying the unparalleled flexibility of the Fiido X.

FIIDO X 350W range 130km, Fiido brand torque sensor

Replaceable long range battery

The patented battery has a range of 130 km (80,7 miles) on a single charge, which is more than enough for your daily commute. Easy disassembly and elegant design free you from any worries about batteries.

A security system that changes the rules of the game

You do not need any keys to unlock the bike. What about thieves? Well, they will never unlock the electric bike without the code due to the power cut, which makes stealing pointless.

Technical data

  • MODEL, FIIDO X (250W), FIIDO X (350W)
  • Electric system, Fiido system, Fiido system
  • Battery, 417,6Wh, 417,6Wh
  • Battery brand, DMEGC 18650, DMEGC 18650
  • Battery cycle time, 800 times, 800 times
  • Charging time, 7 hours, 7 hours
  • Working temperature, -10 ° ~ 50 °, -10 ° ~ 50 °
  • Security System, Fiido Security System, Fiido Security System
  • Display, LED with USB charging port, LED with USB charging port
  • Sensor, Torque Sensor, Torque Sensor
  • Top speed, 15,5MPH (25KM / h), 19,2MPH (32KM / h)
  • Gear system, Shimano 7 Speed, Shimano 7 Speed
  • Motor, 250W brushless geared motor, 350W brushless gear motor
  • Assist Range, 130KM / 80,7Miles, 110KM / 68Mil
  • Braking system, Hydraulic brake, Hydraulic brake
  • Frame material, Magnesium alloy, Magnesium alloy
  • Net Weight, 19.8KG (43LB), 19.8KG (43LB)
  • Maximum load, 120KG (264.8LB), 120KG (264.8LB)
  • Input voltage, 100 ~ 240V, 100 ~ 240V
  • Crank, 52T, 52T
  • Tire size, 20 '' * 1.95 inch, 20 '' * 1,95 inch
  • Fold size, 794 * 350 * 803mm, 794 * 350 * 803mm
  • Bike size, 1490 * 587 * 1070mm, 1490 * 587 * 1070mm
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