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Kugo Kirin M4 pro 500W 18Ah battery

Kugo Kirin M4 pro 500W 18Ah battery

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The latest model Kugo Kirin M4 pro V3 18Ah battery

  • 500W power
  • 18 Ah battery
  • speed 50 km / h
  • 80 km / h range

The Kugoo Kirin scooter provides you with complete safety and driving comfort. Inflatable 10-inch wheels provide traction, cushioning and speed, and you can easily buy a new tire in Poland. You can easily climb hills and hills steeply up to 15 degrees. The IPX4 water resistance class guarantees total driving safety in the rain, and the double shock mitigation system and double brake mean zero stress and pure driving pleasure.

We are the official distributor of ADO, Samebike, Kaisda, DYU, Obarter, Joyor, Kugoo brands. We sell products of the best brands of electric bicycles and scooters throughout Europe. We work closely with websites of all brands sold in Poland. We offer professional customer service, quick warranty and post-warranty repair of the products sold. Our products can be viewed in the showroom near Warsaw.

Several years of experience have taught us that the best way to reduce complaints is a free zero-based service for products sold. Therefore, before shipment, each product is checked for correct operation of the electrical system, folding mechanism, brake system, the condition of structural elements and tires, and the overall aesthetics of the product.

We provide an official VAT accounting document that allows you to include the cost of purchasing a vehicle from the cost of running a business.

Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service Manufacturer's code Kirin M4 Pro
  • front, rear and side lights for safety. And if you get tired, just use a soft, cushioned seat (you get it in the kit) and ... a good road. Plug it in to charge overnight (it takes 6-8 hours), and start again in the morning.
  • Operation is fabulously simple
  • Power under control: a powerful engine and a strong battery, but most of all safety
  • It meets all the standards and conditions to be driven to work or school
  • Wheel Diameter (inch) 10 "
  • Full depreciation
Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service of the Kugoo brand


  • Main body material: aluminum alloy
  • Motor: 48V 500W
  • Battery: 48V 18AH
  • Adapter: 54,6V, 2A
  • Max. load: 150 kg
  • Max. speed: 40-45 km / h
  • Max. range: 55-70 km
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Max. terrain gradient: 20%
  • Weight and size
  • Product weight: 22,5 kg
  • Package weight: 26 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 119 x 28 x 47 cm
  • Package size (L x W x H): 125 x 28 x 50 cm
Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service Motor power 500W

The most important features:

Very powerful 18 Ah battery

1 inch pneumatic and anti-skid tire

2. Strong handle, wear-resistant and safe. Suitable for different kinds of roads.

3. 500 W motor: high power and 40-45 km / h operation

4. LED front warning light and rear warning light, bright red light for safe driving at night.

5. Shock limiting system: Dual shock limiting system can help you enjoy a comfortable ride.

6. Foldable handle: Help to make the small size when the scooter folds.

7. Braking System: The electric scooter is equipped with double disc brake on the front and rear wheels.

Additional features: horn meter lighting pumped wheels speedometer seat foldable foot cruise control waterproof

Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service Number of wheels 2

Package Contents:

1 x Kugoo M4 Pro Electric Scooter

1 x tool kit

1 x charger

1 x User Manual

Electric scooter Kugoo M4Pro 16Ah 70km Disc brake

Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service Kirin M4 Pro model
Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service Maximum speed 45 km / h
Kugoo M4Pro 500W 18Ah 80km 50 km / h zero service Black color
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