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Kugoo Kirin G2 PRO new 600W model

Kugoo Kirin G2 PRO new 600W model

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Kugoo Kirin G2 PRO new model 600W 15Ah

Powerful 600 W motor

The KUGOO KIRIN G2 Pro electric scooter is equipped with a 600W motor, and the maximum speed is up to 45km / h. 48 V 15 Ah battery Thanks to the long-lasting 48 V 15 Ah battery and powerful motors of the electric scooter

KUGOO KIRIN G2 Pro offers a range of 55 km.

Button control area Easy to use, multi-functional control, screen for easy viewing of real-time data. 6 Light system 1 headlight, 2 front position lights, 3 rear brake lights,

6 lights, all-round escort.

Front and rear double disc brakes Drive when you want, stop when you need, high-sensitivity braking system, escort for your safety.

High-strength integrated structure Integrated body structure, high appearance and high performance coexist, stronger pressure resistance, more durable.

Maximum speed 45km / h Maximum speed in each mode 15km / h 30km / h 45km / h Range 55km Battery 48V 15Ah

600W motor rated power

Climbing 20 °

Braking system Double disc brake

9 '' Tires Size Unfold 1187 * 620 * 1315mm

Folded 1187 * 620 * 560 mm

Platform width 18,2 cm

Chassis height 14 cm

26,7 kg Weight

Maximum load 120 kg / 265 lbs

Charging time 7-8h

IP class IP54

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